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ADE 2006 Goodie Bag
We are proud to present this year's goodie bag of the ADE, Amsterdam Dance Event 2006. This year's bag is a more compact version of our messenger bags. It also has a completely removeble front.
Enjoy changing fronts with someone and create your own, almost completely new, ADE 2006 goodie bag!
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Messenger Bags
At first we focussed on producing messenger bags that befriended dj’s were in need off. Off course messenger bags, not only from our Buddista brand, turned out to be a life style item not just dj’s couldn’t do without. The typical over the shoulder worn, big, handy, stylish bags carry around just about anything you can imagine. We also produced like-wise bags for other companies and their events.
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Paul van Dyk voted World s No. 1 DJ
October 26, 2006 Fans across the globe have once again named Paul van Dyk as the World's No.1 DJ for the second consecutive year. The Grammy nominated artist, composer, producer and political activist was announced as the winner at a ceremony held at Londons Fabric Club on Wednesday, October 25th.
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